Licensing Terms Content License Agreement

The following is the contract agreement between You and client and/or legal entity Represented by You, hereinafter referred to as the User with (PT Idea Rumah Indonesia), which hereinafter referred to as “We”. This agreement constitutes a contract commitment between the User as license purchaser with Us as license owner of the content in the site of This Agreement stipulates the rights and obligations with respect to the license on usage upon content the User has purchased.

Before making a purchase, User should read and approve this Agreement. This agreement shall be valid as from the User’s approval upon this agreement and payment has been made upon the license of content purchased by the User. We reserve the right to modify this Agreement at any time and without prior notice. The User shall be bound by the provisions of this Agreement when the User approves and make payment.



  1. “Video stock shot” or “Content” shall be a digital works in the form of video. The site provides a video work that comes with or without sound (audio). The video works that are sold through shall be in the form of clip or video footage that we use to call them video stock shots. In addition to video and audio, the content also includes metadata information that are attached to a stock shot video, such as video title, duration, video file formats, including year of production and other metadata information.
  2. “Audio” in the site shall be a natural sound produced or appearing naturally in the video stock shots. Audio in this matter will function as complement ambient toward information on any event in the video stock shots.
  3. “License” shall be the license to use the content, in which owner of the content, namely provides You the right for a certain period to use the content that You have purchased under the terms and conditions set forth in this agreement.
  4. “Invoice” shall be the invoice made ​​by us and contains determination of the content that You agree to purchase as well as information of statement with regard to print-out date of the invoice, number of content license being purchased, price of the content, duration of the license, and type of usage upon the content license. This invoice must be included and be a part of this agreement.


General Provision for User

  1. User has already understood that is a website to promote and/or sell digital works in the form of video stock shots produced by Us and/or other parties who have given permission to Us to promote and/or sell the Content in
  2. User understands that transactions conducted in are in the form of purchase of content license.
  3. General Restrictions for User: 
  • User is prohibited to use the Content other than for the requirement of license that the User has purchased.
  • User is prohibited to announce and/or reproduce the content exceeding of license being granted and/or without our approval.
  • User is prohibited to use the Content in the context of pornography, fraud, spreads of illegitimate facts, or things that are illegal.
  • User is prohibited to use the Content that has the label of “editorial use only” for commercial purposes.
  • User is prohibited to assign or sublicense the license upon Content from Us to any party without the prior written consent of Us.


Representations and Warranties

As Licensor, we represent and warrant that We are the only legitimate holder of copyright upon the Content. We also ensure that we do not and will not authorize any party to levy any royalties upon the announcement of the Content through any media.



  1. We provide non-exclusive right and without boundaries to Users as Licensee to announce and reproduce Content, including, but not limited to broadcast and transmit, and reproduce, modify, edit and adapt the Content through any for commercial purposes.
  2. That for license Editorial use only, the content can only be used for reporting or non-commercial use, such as: video news package, news feature, documentary feature, educational video, news magazine.
  3. We do not close the possibility of granting an exclusive license, which can only be done by a separate agreement. To that extent, the User may contact us by email at:
  4. The license shall be granted for a period of one (1) year from the date the payment of license fee is received by us. If user wishes to further use our content, then he must renew the content license agreement or contact us.


License Fee

  1. User agrees to pay Licensing Fee as set forth by Us for the use of major Content with the method of payment as stated in the information concerning License Fee.
  2. The license fee as listed in the already includes Value Added Tax ​​(VAT). User will receive a Tax Invoice for VAT at least 2 x 24 hours after Invoice delivery.
  3. We are not obliged to return the license fee (refund), if the content You have paid can not be displayed, can not be heard or not functioning properly. To this event, You may contact us to request for a better content replacement.



We are fully responsible and release the User from all matters connected with any claims and demands from any party arising out with regard to validity of ownership of the Content, and is willing to settle the claim referred to at our own expense, including but not limited to payment of damages and other compensation that might occur as a result of the claim in question.


Applicable law

This Agreement shall be governed by and be construed and executed based on applicable laws in the Republic of Indonesia.


Dispute resolution

Any disputes arising out in relation to this Agreement between the User and Us that cannot be resolved through negotiation for consensus, will be settled through the Indonesian National Board of Arbitration.


Other Provisions

  1. In case the User breaches one of the provisions of this agreement, We reserve the right to shut down Your account with further notice. We are also not obliged to refund the fee paid by the User in terms of User account is turned off by reason of the breach upon provisions of this agreement.
  2. We do not guarantee that the Content that has been chosen by the User would meet the needs of the User. The entire risk upon the use of the Content shall be the responsibility of the User.
  3. In the event that User is found out to have used forged credit card in doing the transaction with Us, then We can open information that has been given to us by the User to be followed up by the authorities.